Honey Bee Teaching Posters

In my continued effort to provide beekeepers with fun, educational tools for teaching about bees, I have created some educational poster sets. These are perfect for teaching new beekeepers, children or the non-beekeeping public about bees! I’ve taken some of my favorite and most illustrative images and coupled them with suggested talking points, fun facts and questions for kids. The pre-sale is going on now and you can save 17% if you order before 2/22/17. Use code BLOGBEES at checkout.

Educational Honey Bee Posters

I constantly use this poster set to teach about bees. I find that the visuals engage my audience and give them a better understanding the subject matter. It’s fun to see the audience react with amazement to the macro images of tiny bee eggs. They light up with glee when I show them the photo of festooning bees hanging in a cooperative chain! I use these photos to share the wonder I feel on an almost daily basis working with bees.

Educational Honey Bee Posters

Not only will these posters keep your audience interested and learning, they can be used to structure your presentation! Each poster has talking points and fun facts on the back. The set is also numbered in the order that I normally present. This serves as a guide while you do your talk. When I am teaching and I am ready to move on to the next point, I pull up  the next image and it reminds me of what I want to say. If I need help, I can glance at the back while I am speaking. So, even if you have never done a bee presentation before, this poster set will make it easy for you to share your knowledge with your community!

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