how to requeen your hive

This week, you are spared from reading anything at all! Instead, you can absorb your dose of beekeeping knowledge by watching the video below. I teamed up with local queen breeders Wildflower Meadows to bring you this instructional video. I feel pretty proud of it since I happened to film, edit  and star in it. Enjoy!

What did you think? I hope to make more video like this one in the future so, feedback is welcome!


John Foster

Hillary I am a brand new beekeeper only having my two hives populated a for a week now. You blog posts have been preparing me and now comes your video. Well done as it takes some of the mystery and apprehension out of the mix.

Keep up the good work,

John from Tampa

Carlos Richardson

This video is very helpful. I just got a Wildflower Gardens VSH queen and will try to find the old queen of a hot TB hive today.

Carlos Richardson

After going through the whole hive today and not finding the queen, I decided the bees were not overly defensive. I think I’ll make a split with the new queen tomorrow.

Christine Brown

Excellent video. Very clear visuals and clear instructions.
Thank you for making it available to everyone to help the bees.


Hello, You may need to check for brood disease, possibly EFB, at 1.15 on the video. Sunken cappings and melted looking larvae are indicators. Here in the UK we leave the bees queenless for 10 days then remove all queen cells before introduction to improve acceptance. This could be because our weather is more inclement! I like your site, thanks.


Hi, I wrote, filmed and edited this video myself so, I am well aware of the brood issues you have pointed out. This is in fact the reason why I requeened the hive. The new queen has resolved the problem and the hive is thriving once again.


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