Online Intro to Beekeeping Class

Exciting news!  An online version of the popular Intro to Beekeeping class is now available to stream! If you’re thinking about starting a backyard beehive or are just curious about what’s involved with keeping bees, then this is a great introductory class for you. The class is designed for absolute beginners so, no prerequisite knowledge is required. You can start watching it even if you know absolutely nothing about bees and by the time you finish, you’ll be ready to get started with your own backyard beehive! I will teach you: how the honey bee lives, discuss different hive designs, what tools to buy, how to place your hive, how to acquire bees, honey harvesting methods, and common hive pests. Plus, tons of practical information about how to be successful as a beekeeper, what to look for during inspections and how to avoid common mistakes. If you’ve enjoyed my blog posts, this is definitely the class for you! For those of you who have already taken this class in person or in one of my previous live webinar sessions, you can purchase this version for half price and use it for reference and review whenever you want! Check out the preview below and click “watch now” to read more about it.

The class focuses on natural beekeeping practices which are often the opposite of what is presented in most beekeeping books. So, even if you have read a few books, taken some other classes or already started keeping bees, it still has tons to offer. The combination of lecture-style still images and fascinating footage alongside my entertaining narration will keep you engaged and learning. With unlimited streaming, you can watch it as many times as you want!

This is just the first in a whole series of online classes I plan to make available. I’m currently working on classes that will go more in depth on topics like hive inspections, live bee removal, honey harvesting and more! Have a topic you’d like to see a class on? Leave your requests in the comments below!

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Laura Gunion

Maybe you’d like to post this new offering to the Facebook group. “Women in beekeeping”. I’d love to see more activity from people having the courage and faith to do things as naturally as possible.
I look forward to your offerings spreading widely. Thank you!


Thank you for the tip. I did not know about the group. I just sent a request to join!


I’d love to see a lesson on how to initially set up a hive and hive maintenance!


Hi Brooke, I talk about how to set up the hive in the Intro class or did you mean how to install bess? I am working on a more in depth maintenance class, but this is also talked about in the intro.

Wendy Borders

Hi, I’m 61 and just got bees this summer. I’m having trouble keeping my queens! Seems like after inspecting a hive, bingo my hive is queenless. My new tip: if you pull out a frame, keep it over the hive or over a sheet on the ground because the queen will fall off! Does that happen to you?


Very rarely, but it is a good idea to try and keep the frame over the hive. You might also be rolling your queen when you pull up the frame. Make sure you give yourself good clearance on both sides before you pull the frame up. 🙂


Total bee noon here and I’m taking a year to research before I invest in equipment and bees. Your video is super helpful! How do I get the class materials? I subscribed through Vimeo.


Hi Diana,

They should be emailed to you within the week. My assistant is sending them out at the end of every week to everyone who bought it during that week. Send me an email if you don’t get them and I will make sure you do.


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