Posted December 9, 2021
by Hilary

The holidays are upon us and so I have put together a list of gifts for bee lovers. Whether you’re a beekeeper or just related to one, you’ll find something for to dazzle your beeople. Read on for a fun mix of bee related gift ideas!

For Artsy Bee Lovers

Catherine Sieck’s copper hive charms (pictured above) can turn a beehive into a work of art. These decorative cutouts are nod to the ancient tradition of decorating beehives, but they aren’t just for beekeepers, they make excellent gifts for bee lovers as well. I think they’d look great on a front door or hung on the wall. I’m absolutely enchanted by these magical trinkets, but keep in mind they are hand-made in batches and aren’t available all year.

If you want a piece of art that captures the delicate beauty of bees with a touch of whimsy, the bee art prints from Doodleicious (pictured above) are for you! Couldn’t you just stare at all the tiny details in her work for hours?

Matt Willey’s Festooning Bees print is delightful and celebrates the spiritual reverence many of us have for honey bees.

Another great bee-loving artist is Candace Fincher. Her botanical bee portraits are vibrant and playful.

If you want to see some of my own art, check out my latest holiday cards painted by yours truly!

For Stylish Bee Lovers

There’s a lot of kitschy bee jewlery out there, but if you’re looking for something timeless and elegant Bee Amour Jewelry is your one stop shop! This handmade artisnal collection is made by real beekeeper Anna Gieselman.

For a more bohemian style, check out Sacred Beeometry. The handmade resin pendants and art objects are made from real comb and by real beekeeper Gary Lau!

A nice way to support a beekeeper and declare your love of bees is to buy a bee themed t-shirt! Check with your favorite beekeepers to see if they have any and while you’re at it, get some honey or beeswax candles, too!

Bee Gifts For Children

My new favorite picture book Honeybee: The Busy Life of Apis Mellifera puts all other honey bee picture books to shame. It’s an intimate, lyrical look at the life of a worker bee. The stunning paintings inside will take your breath away. Honestly, I think this book would be an amazing gift for a bee lover of any age!

When I was a kid, I always learned best through active play and it’s for that reason that I created The Story of Bees Game. This educational imagination game is meant to be played as a group. It’s perfect for family gatherings, classrooms and youth groups.

When it comes persuading children to love bees, I always say the best way is education, but once you’ve done that an adorable bumble bee plushie wouldn’t go amiss!

If They Have a Sweet Tooth

Delight your baking friends with some cookie stamps. I love how simple these stamps are. You could bake a great looking batch of bee cookies with very minimal decoration effort.

If you know somoene who appreciates a decorative table setting, definitely check out these pretty cermaic bee plates by Osoka Art Ceramics.

Did you know that there’s an alcoholic drink made from honey? Mead is one of the oldest libations. Since honey comes in so many flavors, you can find endless varieties of mead. My favorite local makers Gold Coast Mead ships!

Gift someone their new favorite mug! Amy Holliday has turned some of her lovely bumble bee illustrations from The Little Book of Bees into a mug!

For Beekeepers

Now beekeepers can look as beauitful as they feel while beekeeping! Bella Beek Veils make it all possible. Who doesn’t want to frolic through the flowers siging to their honey bees in these gorgeous hand-made veils? If you’re looking for something meaningful to give your beekeeping mentor or partner or (let’s be real, yourself!) this would surely be a hit! Founded by real beekeeper and podcaster Mandy Shaw.

If you know a beekeeper who won’t shut up about their bees, inspire them to speak in public with these educational teaching posters. The large, durable posters are great for holding up in front of a crowd. The backs have helpful talking points and fun facts that will make giving a talk a breeze.

Heat cameras are useful and fun for beekeepers. They work kind of like x-rays allowing the beekeeper to see through the walls of the hive to the heat imprint of the bees inside. This one from FLIR attaches to your phone and will allow beekeepers to take heat photos of their hives during winter or it can help them to remove a wild hive from a wall by showing them exactly where it’s located.

Unique Experiences

I’m a big fan of gifting experiences rather than material posessions. If you’re looking for ideas on what to do with friends and loved ones, check with your local apiaries to see if they offer bee tours! I do tours in San Diego, California that allow non-beekeepers to suit up and experience the joys of beekeeping. Plus you learn a whole lot about bees.

Another idea is to set up a honey tasting experience! Honey has an amazing array of flavors that can change with time of year and location. Pick up some jars from local beekeepers, order some from other beekeepers in your favorite cities and line them all up for a tasting experience. I like to use the UC Davis honey flavor wheel to help me meditate on what flavors I am tasting. Pair with cheese, bread, crackers and fruits to make it a party. Pro tip, a sip of bubble water inbetween honeys will help cleanse your palate.

Looking for more ideas? Check out my last gift guide from from 2015.

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