Posted December 12, 2015
by Hilary


Once you become a beekeeper, it seems like every gift you receive is bee related. A friend or family member sees something with a bee on it and they think of you! Who can blame them really, but if you are going to be stuck with bee-themed presents they may as well be good ones! Read on to see my beekeeper’s wish list and now you have something to share with your loved ones to avoid those endless bee tchotchkes!


Books always make great gifts for beekeepers because as a beekeeper, you never stop learning! For beginners there are many helpful guide books out there. For intermediate to experienced beekeepers, you may want to look for more in depth topical books like Honeybee Democracy by Thomas Seeley ,which explores how bees select nesting sites in fascinating detail or The Biology of the Honey Bee by Mark L. Winston, which delves deep into honeybee life through a scientific lens. Seasoned beekeepers may also enjoy a magazine subscription to keep them up to date on the latest research and techniques. Scroll through the images above to see my favorites!

Intro to Beekeeping Certificate


So many new beekeepers and even hobbyists can benefit from a local beekeeping class. I’ve had beekeepers who have been keeping bees for several years come out of my class happy and with a  lot of new knowledge. Whether you are local or not, I have something for you. There are gift certificates available for both my online classes and my local classes! That said, there really is no substitute for local beekeeping knowledge so, search for classes in your area! It’s likely they offer gift certificates, too.


Ventilated Bee Suit!

If you have never worn a ventilated bee suit, you’re missing out! This is especially great if you are in a hot climate. The special mesh layers allow for air to get through but not bee stingers. I’ve worn mine with nothing but a sports bra and yoga shorts on underneath in hot temperatures! The original maker, Ultra Breeze, is like the Rolls Royce of bee suits in my opinion, but they are pretty spendy at about $250. Thriftier folks can buy the knock off for less. 


What’s in my tool box? Duct Tape, ratcheting straps, hive tool, smoker, rubberbands, lighters and an epi pen! I’d love to receive any one of these items as a gift because tools break or get lost or they run out and you need more. I’ve linked some of my favorite versions of some of these ideas above, and you can also visit my Amazon Storefront for Beekeepers. I especially love the EZ pry hive tool and this might be something your average beekeeper does not have.

Candle Making Supplies! 

Beekeepers usually have some beeswax lying around and candle-making is one of the more satisfying and fun uses for it. My favorite nifty tools for making taper candles is a dipping rack and vat. You can make several candles at once and adjust the height. So, you can make candles anywhere  from birthday candle size to dinner table size. Those interested in candle making may also like candle molds or a spool of wick.

Novelty items!

Because, why not? Every beek needs an instant bee beard, temporary tattoos and their own parking sign!

Apparel & Accessories

What beekeeper doesn’t want to represent? Check out some of my shirt designs plus a few others I have been coveting and who doesn’t want adorable bee boots?


As visual artist and art lover, I have quite the collection of bee art. Here are some of my favorites! You may also enjoy a print of my original work, “I do Believe in Fairies” or photos from my Instagram gallery, both available in my shop.


You can add some sweet touches to your home with these bee themed items. I’ve found everything from door bell frames to dinner plates. I love having beautiful bee items around me.

If you what you see here, you can find even more of my picks on my Pinterest board: Sweet Gifts for Beekeepers! 

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  1. QuietShaman

    Great blog young lady! Very helpful for an old fart newbie like me. Thanks for your wisdom into the world!


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